domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

THE LIGHT IN PROVENCE | 06.2015 _____________________ UNSTABLE INSTALLATION______________________LAPIEZA #960 EXFOLIATION


On a bright sunday morning I fly to marseille. I will meet the french branch of my art family at the heart of provence. I pack some colors and small objects together with selected clothes. Blue and yellow bags, a grey net and some jewelery collected in the past weeks in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London and Barcelona. Street flowers. We all work in the day in our studios, and share dinner with wine from a big cardboard box in the night, YURI and ANALIE play their instruments with tenderness. Sometimes we dance. At midnight, i read the short stories by CARVER and RULFO, once again. The languaje. I watch some old black and white films. In the day, after the morning cofee I record GLIMPSES. Faces, colors and light. Not too much. A bit of intro context is enough. In the past years i already filmed the water and collected some objects and photographed the artists as social sculpture with a net. No need to re-play. RITUAL. In the evenings we go down to the local café with RUDI-AN¬MA and have cold drinks before dinner. The touch. Days pass by. The birds sing in the morning. I carry my camera and my phone in the YELLOW BAG. I need to have MY CURRENT SCULPTURE near me, not far from my body. By me, on me, with me. As extension of me. My temporary coloured satellite. No melancholia: JOY. I showed these YELLOW BAGS already in croatia last year, where they were still under the long shadow of the dominant BLUE BAGSIn the evening I record Françoise painting under great light in her terrace. Her hair, her legs and arms move fast on the horizontal surface. The cat watches. I visit Jana and Anna in her towers, I bring some flowers along. I also record Shahpari painting a new round of dots in her latest piece, blue on yellow. We work in silence. Meditation above conversation. We have a frugal lunch. Swimming pool opens. I like to swim in the afternoon. Marta paints her camouflage series sitted on a big green backpack. The set around her and the light is quite fine. The bottle hides behind the door. 


The center piece i will produce this year is a minimal, yet long documented performance. It will last as far as i can reach by foot to a place of SIGNIFICANT meaning in the area. A step away from the village. provence as canvas. colors are ready. BLACK SHOES. PURPLE PANTS. WHITE SHIRT. GREEN HAT. Basic performance outfit. With the satellite yellow star, THE BAG. Im ready. I need to walk again. I did many long-walks as art in big cities. Berlin, Mexico and London recently. The performance is private as usual. On a thursday afternoon it is decided. I will reach the village of Correns in the night to meet Niké Nágy, a good artist friend. it is only 25 km away. she will prepareer to celebrate arrival. i pack my bottles of water with some mandarines. I carry the map niké made by hand for me to reach her place taking the nicest roads. i usually walk alone, and meet people in my way, however this time, the walk is joined by slovak painter M+KISS, that will assist as camera, and mediate the walk. She brings some beers and chocolate cookies along. Also her english grammar book. So we go. The road is pleasant, sometimes we walk in silence and other we talk. Trees, flowers, wineyards, blue sky. We walk in the side of the road. Eventually we arrive to some great fields with thistles and flowers, that will stay as main background for the action. The place of memory. Now and then we enjoy drinks under the trees and share some art stories. After some hours our friends in Correns start to call to check on us. We are certainly behind schedule. Last ten kilometers are the toughtest ones. NO SHOES. Sun goes down. We arrive in Correns by night, where we enjoy the kindness of niké and her husband, together with Yuri, Shahpari and Jean-Pierre. The dinner is a composition of roasted lamb with herbs, potatoes and sauces, with cheese and wine. Performance walk has been great, and the day will stay in the memory with the video captures of the selected scenarios. We eat with joy. WALK AS ART. Provence as canvas. 


Next, we go to Aix en Provence to enjoy a picnic in a public park, and visit the exhibition by canaletto in a recently renovated aristocratic palace. I walk the show with Marion, commenting on the grace of the architecture details and the joyness of the stripped banderola on the palladian architecture style. I have a green leaf on my white shirt. The leaf is an ephemeral sculpture. It lasts only two hours before it dehidrates. We take some collective pictures using a mirror at the chick sofas in a fancy saloon. We manage to come home with Paule and poet Christophe after a parking absurd situation. On sunday we jump in the cars again and arrive into Françoise´s largest artwork. Her own house. The site is in the middle of the forest. A place she made for herself and for her friends. It rains, so e all pack in the livingroom, around a big table. Françoise´s daughter Sophie and her husband come along as well, they help fixing all dishes, salads, sardines and other delicatessen. No shortge of red wine, and warm coffee in the afternoon, outside, with the fresh, yet sleepy afternoon mood. When coming back, with MA+AN music is loud in the car, and when arrive we dance on the aspalt under the falling sun. An extra point. I read about music theory in the night. Early next morning i help Jean-Pierre to set some boards announcing our upcoming exhibition on the near roads. I change my mood to BLUE again, and play with the jewlery. PINK is the color I carry on my hands and I test some bags on MARION. The hands will come in the show. YET ANOTHER FLESH PIECE. If legs are purple, hands are stripped. I think constanly on coming back and cutting some flowers in the fields I WALKED IN THE PERFORMANCE. Perhaps to have a new eccho of that moment. To re-remember. To translate TO PHYSICAL. I also have the GREY NET to work under the light. On me then on you. So I walk the fields again. More memory. About enough. We have a second collective exhibition at a big house by the sea at Six Fours les Plages. The light is great. We have some swims. All paintings look great, the sow is balanced. I put up the show with the video and the installation with the bags and the clothes in a small room at the entrance, together with the art of Medvedova. Cold wine and photos.  





VIDEOART 10 minutes - assisted by M+KISS - all rights reserved

This piece will be part of LAPIEZA RELATIONAL ART SERIES, 
soon to reach 1000 pieces. 6th season.