viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

ÉPICA EPIDÉRMICA_______________________________________SKINS AND FRAMES______2013:2015______________________________________________________________________________________NEGRADAS

During the summer of 2013, after a long residency in Mexico City, the CONCEPT WORK INSTALLATION developed in a natural environment, was made by two antagonic yet simbiotic elements. One, THE EXTERIOR SKIN, was the fabric, the container, the gallery itself. Usually galleries are not made by the artists, that are like polinizing bees in different spaces of the social legitimated tectonics. So, since i have the will andmust do the artworks that add complexity to my own career as builder,  i decided to remake the interior of an ond forge to be the gallery in the middle of nowhere. i like to make frames as art. it is hardwork to build frames. it was hard for my great great grandparents to carry the stones all the way to nowhere, so lets play is even. Now context is abstacter by all symbolic capitals, so here i go back to stone architecture as art, This skin is double sided, since has the interior white gallery walls, and the old stone to the outside, campuflaged in context, Silent yet vibrant. Finally I reworked the fabric a bit, and clent all, and painted the stone walls in white to have a gallery in the valley. First gallery space in more than 100 years of existance of the place. it was a forge, where they beded steel, then it was storage room for fruits of the gardens, mostly apples and pears. all walls were put up in the middle of XIX century, so i thought the opening piece, the bonus artworks should be as significant as the frame, and natural from context, the huge canvas around. During weeks i photographed most of the nature of the area i went around the forests and the rivers, and pfinally peeled the oldest eucaliptus tree i could find. A huge tree with more that 100 years of root gave its old skins to hang as principal NATURAL WORK, the INTERIOR SKIN opening the series for the forge gallery at negradas. LAPIEZA 743 NOWHERE 

Now is 2015, and the second gallery SHOWROOM as ART is being developed and will be presented very soon. A new room as art, and a new piece as bonus, perhaps two. Summer is warm and the ocean waves celebrate again and again. > 10.08.15