domingo, 14 de julio de 2019

EMOTIONAL CAVES ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE ART BY FREDRIK LUND _______________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ////////////////// LAPIEZA 987 ///////// TRONDHEIM NORWAY ////////////// EXHIBITION #75 THE WORD 2016________________ESSAY

We have now worked with Fredrik Lund for ten years. We have learned, perhaps only glimpsed, in the time shared, a variety of interior landscapes that Fredrik Lund carries with him. We will name those landscapes here as emotional caves. In this short text we will not decode the essence of Lunds caves, nor his achievements or the names of his passions, that would take some books. We will show how, his essence, those interior caves, shaped by the big waves of the daily emotional routes and the daily rituals of fire and love, show themselves outside in four different forms of art, that we will name here as natures, natural forms of expression, renamed by historical forces in different fields, that might overlap in some parts and be distant in others. So lets get to it, here we go, on how emotional caves become natures. First nature - Vision / The art of being there. Walk and observation. Being the place. Just breath in an out and understand the real meaning of the landscape. geograpgy and topography as part of history. Scale and deepness. the reading also feeds this nature. fredrik is expert is norwegian history and XX century war scenarios. Second nature - Decison / The art of taking the place. decodification and abstraction. once the landscape in part of Fredrik, the most simple tools are used to describe it, to aprehend it. A sharp pencil and a thick white paper. Do not mix simple with easy, perhaps the reduction of elements to fix nature as art is the most avant-garde modus. No electricity needed. It could be a piece of recent chalk from a night fire on a raw stone.  Third nature - Transmition / The art of communcating > teaching one to one, here and now, and lecturing historically is Fredriks passion and task as professor. Year after year Fredrik builds programs where students will learn all about the minimal maximals. No excuses. Fourth nature - Translation / The art of reshaping spaces, materials, and generating mimetic environments: architecture. This order or nature has several sub fields, sice architecture is a complex language on its own. However we will treat it as a whole. Fredrik Lund is an architect. The fact of being an architect is very relevant, since this nature has grown to be a very deep cave.

2016              *****



Paula Lloveras - URBANAS - ECOCITY STRATEGIST - Green is art.
Anto Lloveras -  LAPIEZA - SOCIOPLASTICS - Curatorial as art.
both are active architects and collaborators with Studio Fredrik Lund since 2005.