miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

VIKING MUSEUM_________________________BURIALS_________OSLO_________________________10.2015

the museum content is mostly black. the boats are black. the whole idea of space orbitates around the three boats. each one taking a wing of the cross shaped plan. the storytelling on the boards is simple and old. i miss some smell. some water. some songs. the idea of the viking giving honors in rituals and burials to the epic women is good concept. the boats are powerfull sculptures. the vitrines with objecs are not so great. only small heads and tools. the crosses on the walls are great. two of them. like flags of war. 

the ship burials. from the oslo fjord area. excavated between 1854 and 1904. the three ships had been at sea for several years before they were pulled ashore and used as burial ships. the dead were placed in burial chambers buil onboard the ships. the dead were buried with generous supplies, animals, and a large number of objects, both functional and decorative.