domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2019

TROLE BUILDING /////////////////////////////// MADRID SOUTH ///////// WHITE ATELIERS IN BLACK COAT

One morning a client stopped into our office, he said loved the space we were working in. He and his partners had bought an old coffee factory in the south of Madrid. He wanted us to prepare a project to build office spaces like CAMAROTE in that plot. First we had to demolish the factory and DESIGN a project plan. The plot laws said we could make a 20m high building with no more than 3 floors. So we already knew height was decided, the building had to shrink 3m meters from the neighbouring line and the maximum area to build was about 4000m2, excluding an underground garage and a space for machines.  We drew a building that would be a new icon in the neighbourhood, a new diamond in an ocean of dull brick buildings. In the summer we presented the project for license in the municipality. It took more than a year to fix details and we accepted to do some changes to pass the law filters, especially the fire regulations, which are very strict in offices and factory lofts.