lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

SWAN_________________________________________NEW HISTORICAL ICON

SWAN new public place. the plaza is a fresh welcome, an open place for the city, and for the district. Swan public place is part of the school's outdoor place during the day. It is a new urban proposal to improve the efficiency of the cityís public space. During the day it acts as an urban outdoor playground for the schools. During the evenings and the rest of the day is an open place for housing dwellers and evening activity public. The public space will include a water management system to purify water uses and drain rainwater, recycling the water into a public garden. SWAN roof decks  The roof decks of the two schools and art schools and activity halls will be covered by edible gardens and restoration spaces. The public realm of the roofs called the fifth facades will improve life at the new urban block. The gardens will supply the school restaurants and the public restaurants of the street block with fresh vegetables. The gardens are part of the school's new didactics. School activities are oriented to sustainable knowledge of urban gardening. There are workshops for seniors in the district to improve skills in urban gardening. SWAN shops and restaurants. Urban life has to be attractive and its texture is to be done with human life. The street plan of the urban city block will provide the district with new commercial possibilities. Life on the streets during the day and evenings are depending on an active proposal of city life. Shops restaurants and cafÈs will bring life to the streets. SWAN SCHOOLS. Two school programs are developed within the block. The new schools will share the program with the art schools and activity halls. The mixed possibility brings a new program proposal for the schools and improves educational efficiency in the future. The planned surfaces are able to dispose of a complex layout of educational possibilities with close and open classrooms. Bright lighted classrooms and laboratories and high sealing when needed to further educational purposes. Good communication possibilities between the floors.

THE URBAN MITH //// he main purpose of the SWAN is to reconnect the city texture of life in the city¥s near periphery district. A complex program of schools, culture, and arts will include public and market-oriented housing in two towers, as well as shops and restaurants to improve the diversity of life in the district. SWAN, an urban symbolic figure describes the new relation to nature and clean and renewable future. The new urbanism proposed, adds density to the area, improving the transect zone to the district center. Nye Kungsberget wants to become a vibrant place, investing in human capital. An attractive city district is a capital to improve the life of the city. A complex program of mixed uses is introduced. The goal is to achieve the ultimate efficiency of multilayered city life for future generations. The program offers a combination of enchanting public places. A school garden is designed with public access. Edible gardens growing on the roofs embrace self-sufficient communities in the future. Shops and restaurantsí programmed on street level will improve the life of the streets.  SWAN, works as a double generator, where TWO modern schools are connected with two ART CENTERS for cultural development, and TWO activity halls on top of each other, for simultaneous performances, that will improve the experience of sports and arts in the district.  The two towers are the symbol of the swan in the city. A new icon for the emerging district image capital. The towers are the new symbols of Nye Kungsberget's development. The towers shall be developed to included dwellings for a public purpose and market-oriented housing for the city.

SWAN apartments. The apartments offer a variety of typologies for different groups of people. Variety makes the city more complex in human capital. The dwelling development can act as an urban node and can bring new neighbors to the district. People who are living here bring life for more hours during the day and improve urban life on the street. New typologies for seniors are increasing and offers a nice complexity of different generations in the district.  The art schools are an innovative implementation of cultural programs for education. Music and theater art school programs can be implemented as an extensive program in current education. The two buildings are large enough to improve the cultural education needed. Art schools have a magnificent possibility to use the multifunctional halls for the presentation of their programs. Art schools are social spaces. Libraries are included. The classrooms are multifunctional spaces. The art schools have access to shops and restaurants. Swan multifunctional spaces sports halls and theaters / The innovative spaces are able to be used in sport and theater. Concert halls and complementary activities for the schools can be optimized in these buildings with two multifunctional spaces. The city districts have engaged in different types of gymnastics like yogaís, dancing gymnastics, or more classical sports. The Halls have the possibility to adapt to different types of activities and can also be used as conference halls if needed. Swan parking units / The optimization of the building group is supported by the possibility to have parking lots under needs. Storage and machinery rooms for schools and sports halls are built under. The access to the new district cultural center is intended to be done by public transport bicycles or by walking but the use of future electric cars visions the possibility to charge the batteries by renewable power.