jueves, 15 de abril de 2021


The ideas of the previous decades are refilled, that like waves return to the scene. What was forgotten is regurgitated and is new again. It is highlighted. In the tectonic, the same thing happens, the fragments that make up the new three-dimensional suprematist painting, the materials of the povera and the ideas of conceptual art are retro and are now. The nomadic cities of archigram return. As a key contribution we see the new artist camouflaging his urban habitat in a bag of rubble. The object is a mask, which takes the image of a known and mutable body to make itself invisible. The container is used as an image of the precarious and the ephemeral, turned into a capsule of urban survival. The idea of ​​appropriationist mimesis, where his body is hidden (and photographed) in a false urban mobile particle. The chart is a non-binding idea.

Around the minimum shelter, the ways of inhabiting public space, symbolic capitals and the double skin that protects us. Several possibilities are outlined, from the construction of an uninhabited totem-type room to the delimitation of a site where the possibility of camping stands out. The suit as a flag. The individual is already a nation, with the emerging potential to involve local agents in the construction of a symbiotic project between art and reality. What is provided? Who is the action aimed at? Who benefits from the idea to be developed? In today's city, who is camping, who sleeps, who lives? Low-income streetwalkers and adventure-seeking tourists. The current accounts are invisible and what is visible is the clothing, the brand that covers the body. Brands imitate urban culture, just as art imitates and clones the real and translates it and implements it in exhibition settings. What emerges from the peripheries and the suburbs is the new cosmetics. Young people want to have tattoos and wear ripped pants, they want to imitate the model that sets trends on the networks, their self-advertising leisure platforms. Fashion singers clone the hairstyles and colors of the ghetto tint.