domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2021

Lagos-Biennial 2021 2023________________________OUTSIDER


Lagos Biennial 2021.2023 ___ Online 04-16.12.2021

The joint Third and Fourth Editions - launches on 4 December 2021 with the online presentation of videos from the 13 teams selected from the 2021 open call process. This process-based format was developed during the period of the Covid 19 pandemic to work around reduced travel possibilities and to create a new format with a cohort of artists working across a longer duration. The Biennial received applications of the highest quality with artists from across Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe, leaving the Jury with a tough job in identifying the proposals which best responded to the established theme of <Refuge >. The 13 selected teams, each comprising a curator, artists, and designers, were recognised by the jury as responding in conceptually complex and currently pertinent ways to ideas of < Refuge >. They each were able to combine critical practice with aesthetic strategies and approaches to the theme. Their proposals, which the public will see presented from 4 December, will further be developed over the next year and then realised in Lagos in 2023. The 13 teams were selected by our expert Jury members, N’Gone Fall, Kathryn Weir, and Kunle Adeyemi.


ARTISTIC DIRECTORS. Kathryn Weir. Folakunle Oshun. SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR. N'Goné Fall. PROJECT MANAGER. Gina Amama. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR. Jolomi Awala. PRESS SECRETARY. Opeyemi Balogun. ARTWORKS, ARTISTS, DESIGNERS AND CURATORS. DIS-ASSEMBLING THE CLOUD(S) Temitayo Ogunbiyi (Nigeria), Lisa Ann Parks (USA), Laila Shereen Sakr (USA), Miha Vipotnik (Slovenia). Data Centered Collective. Temitayo Ogunbiyi (Nigeria) BLACK TALES. Mónica Miranda (Angola/Portugal), Chullage (Portugal/Cape Verde). Cindy Sissokho (UK). ALIENS IN ERITREA. Sephora Woldu (Eritrea/USA), Shushan Tesfuzigta Eritrea/USA), Rezene Tsegai Eritrea/USA), Nahom Abraham Wael (Eritrea), Gzoly Vishnu Balunsat (Philipines/Germany/USA). Sephora Woldu (Eritrea/USA). AS THE CARBON WE ARE Jade Montserrat (UK) INIVA Alexandra Moore (UK). EWORO YI NGBE: PLANT TEMPLE Yussef Agbo-Ola (Nigeria/USA) Olaniyi Studio (UK) HANGING IMAGINARIES Feda Wardak (Afghanistan/France), Kassir Kossoko (Benin), Platform Aman Iwan Ayodele Arigbabu (Nigeria) MARE A MARE Meriem Chabani (France/Algeria), Zoe Paul (UK), Mohssin Harraki (Morocco) Leone Contini (Italy), Asuncion Molinos Gordo (Spain) Anïssa Touati (France). MUSING THE BORDER. Helena Uambembe (South Africa/Angola), Kiluanji Kia Henda & Paulo Moreira (Angola/Portugal), Marina Camargo (Brazil), Sammy Baloji (DRC) Paula Nascimento (Angola), Suzana Sousa (Angola) OUTSIDER. Martinka Bobrikova (Slovakia) Oscar de Carmen (Spain) Anto Lloveras (Spain) María Alejandra Gatti (Argentina/Italy). RADIO BORN THROW WAY Adéọlá Ọlágúnjú (Nigeria)THE ALBANIAN CONFERENCE Anna Ehrenstein,(Germany), Vidisha Saini (Fadescha) (India)  Rebecca Pokua Korang (Germany) Blair Opara and Clinton Opara DNA (Nigeria) Shaunak Mahbubani (India) TRACES OF ECSTASY Temitayo Shonibare (Nigeria), Nolan Oswald Dennis (South Africa) Evan Ifekoya (UK), Raymond Pinto (USA), Adeju Thompson (Nigeria) Kojo Abudu (UK/Nigeria) XTRÆNCESTRAL Colleen Ndemeh Fitzgerald (USA/Liberia) Julia Cohen Ribeiro (Argentina), Lina Lasso (Colombia), Jasmin Sánchez (Brazil), Florencia Victoria Gomes (Argentina) Kukily, afrofeminist arts collective.