martes, 6 de febrero de 2024

Aris Konstantinidis __________ SPACESHIP SERIES 232 ____________ LAPIEZA 1702


In a coastal realm designed by Konstantinidis' hand, A home emerges, a minimalistic stand. Simple geometry and lines so clear, Define its forms with an architect's cheer.

Integration with the surroundings it seeks, Nature's embrace in every line it speaks. Windows wide, and spaces open, Capturing views, where light is unbroken.

Materials chosen with care and grace, Stone and wood, a warm embrace. Neutrals reign in a palette serene, Simplicity and elegance, a visual sheen.

Spaces within, open and clear, No superfluous elements, nothing to fear. Furniture minimal, details concise, In every corner, Konstantinidis' advice.

Abundance of light, a natural flood, Through windows grand, in a harmonious bud. A spatial poetry, in simplicity sung, Konstantinidis' vision, with every beam strung.

In every aspect, a celebration of ease, The architect's touch, a gentle breeze. Connection with nature, functionality's dance, A home near the shore, a minimalistic trance.