lunes, 3 de octubre de 2022


my father, is a writer, and every year, after visiting him and Marisa in their apartment in Malaga, he sends me the last story he has written by email. It comes to me in PDF, with the title in the subject. The stories are never longer than ten pages. When we see each other we always laugh sometimes in a special way. Humor is one of our most beloved and recurring hobbies. An ephemeral art form. Humor is sought after and it is an excellent company when you live together for a week. There are also parts of literary construction and others of pure analysis. This year we saw The Godfather together again, and we enjoyed it like never before. Humor can arise in any of the three moments that we share in the day to day, which coincide with our appetite. In the mornings, always sunny on the Costa del Sol, we have toast with grated tomato and grapefruit juice for breakfast. Marisa gets up at dawn and prepares everything. Lunch, which happens with increasing frequency on Benajarafe beach, is a ritual by the sea. If I go to the sea, if I am near the sea, I like to eat by the sea. After the coffees at the beach bar and some local sweets, we walk along the boardwalk and go to the nursery to buy some plants. The nursery is already half battered, they have fewer and fewer plants. To see what lasts. This year's story, called Two Tickets, includes a large dose of black humor and very close situations, which include some places with their real names, and others derived in pure fiction, for the sake of timeless literature.