jueves, 20 de junio de 2024

"Double Sided" is a two-channel experimental dance series created by Anto Lloveras and Mateo Feijoo, presenting a transdisciplinary exploration that merges elements of the domestic, the sculptural, and the still life.

Each movement is intentionally similar but never identical, adhering to the principles of processual art. The series eliminates dramatic elements, aiming to distill the structure to its fundamental components, drawing inspiration from minimalism. The performers,  engage in a two-headed scene that connects with Beckett's work, North American minimalism of the sixties, Erwin Wurm's sculptures, and the philosophy of Paul Preciado. The stage installation is characterized by extreme simplicity in the use of shapes and objects, with a standard wardrobe and no set decoration, emphasizing the essence of what the performers carry. Premiere in Madrid.

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