lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2023

In contributing to the symposium

I bring forth my insight, tranquility, presence, and above all, my ability to discover and celebrate fellow participants. My approach is characterized by a sense of normalcy, devoid of flamboyance, disguises, or self-referential speeches. Common interests, whether political, artistic, aesthetic, erotic, or playful, will serve as the key to unraveling a Decalogue of common peculiarities. Exploring what makes festivity a shared space for everyone and identifying the happiest moments in that intersection, we can attempt to uncover the pinnacle of joy in shared days. Perhaps in doing so, we realize that these moments are complemented and nourished not only by their present but also by their pasts and futures, sometimes proving more delightful than the main course. The work of an ethnographer in the art world has its peculiarities, particularly in dealing with a new breed of mostly nomadic and elusive artists. We are a legion and form a heterogeneous ensemble. LLOVERAS 2023