domingo, 28 de marzo de 2021

HUMAN RIGHTS AND CULTURE CONGRESS___________________POSTORY :::::::: Gentrification, Turistization and Memory _______________UAM MADRID LAPIEZA

Today's world faces political, social, economic and cultural challenges that require urgent responses. The rise of ultranationalist and xenophobic governments puts democracy, multilateralism and respect for human rights at risk. Violence is expressed in multiple ways, from aggression and war, but also from structures that perpetuate poverty and social inequality and impede the full development of the human being. Overcoming relationships of violence, peacefully transforming conflicts and moving towards a culture of peace is urgent and requires the commitment and involvement of the academic community in articulation with social movements. The purpose of the congress is to create a space for meeting and debate between researchers and researchers, social movements and civil society organizations on theoretical and practical aspects, challenges and challenges related to human rights, democracy, the culture of peace and nonviolence , as well as formulate proposals that contribute to forming peaceful, inclusive and respectful societies with human rights. The congress will be structured in three axes: Culture, Democracy and Human Rights organized in panels of debate between personalities of national and international prestige, round tables with representatives of civil society organizations and presentation of communications on experiences and academic work related to the topics congressional. Communications will be published in a Book with ISBN number.

Mesa 2.7. Simposio Postory /// Gentrificación, Turistización y Memoria - J,30 MAYO 2019 - Sala de Juntas de la Fac. Educación -­ Sala 5 ///////// Pedagogías de la memoria en procesos de turistización. Eva Botella Ordinas. /// Gentrificando la Historia. Relatos Historicistas en el márketing hotelero de lujo (Palma,   principios del Siglo XXI). /// Antonio Terrasa Lozano. Neoliberalismo y violencia en la ciudad: el caso de Ciudad Juárez. Clara Ramas San Miguel. /// Plazas verdes urbanas, pulmones de la ciudad. Esther Lorenzo Montero. //// SOCIOPLÁSTICA: El arte relacional y las ecologías culturales. Antonio Lloveras Caminos.